Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spray Park Fitness

      Two years ago I bumbled into a spray park in town that was days away from being finished. I didn't know it was a spray park. I had to ask what it was. I had my camera so got photos of the soon to be opened spray park. These photos are all from 2013. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera today.

      Today I dropped the Micro Manager off for an appointment and found a parking spot right beside the spray park. Since I had time on my hands I thought , "Why not have a look at the spray park?"


     So I found an unoccupied picnic table in the shade and sat down to watch the  sights. I couldn't believe what I saw when I watched the kids. There were all kinds of creative and colorful  devices to spray water around. Some of them could be torqued a bit by the kids. A blue path lead through all the sprayers. Kids were so excited they ran most of the time. A special surface must have been applied as kids didn't slip. I was also amazed to see huge rocks that kids could use to jump from one rock to another. I thought that was a no no for safety reasons. The kids were on their own in the actions. Parents were sitting at tables or chairs looking after the stuff. There were no Mom's screaming to be careful! Don't go there!

   I guess what caught my eye more than anything was that all these kids were slim. I would think that these kids were probably active in all parts of their life. I think the spray park contributed to the fun of them being active and fit.

    So I'm glad I stopped at the spray park for a few minutes. I didn't expect to see any of the things I saw. It was a very positive surprise.

    Now if they'd only let me in the spray park!