Wednesday, May 6, 2009


    Well, I admit I just wanted to get your attention so I could tell you about my cycling ! But that will come later . First , my heading begs for some explanation . I'm not going to leave out the female side . Second , I play fast and loose with the term "old." Let me keep age to retirees .

      I like cycling for a number of reasons . I'm sure other people would benefit from some of the same things .

     Cycling gets me out of the house . There are many good reasons to stay out of the house . Staying in the house leaves you vulnerable to being conscripted for many tasks such as dish washing , vacuuming or listening to an unwanted rant .

     Cycling gives me the opportunity to practise my falling techniques. As a senior one must be up on the tumbling abilities so that you don't get injured in a fall !

     Cycling leaves you open to many interesting opportunities . Quite often one will meet others on the trail who are more than willing to visit. Sometimes your mileage is greatly curbed by this visiting. Many interesting sightings are encountered out on the trails such as moose, deer , coyotes , foxes , ducks . geese ,beavers ....

     On a more serious note cycling gives us lots of fresh air and exercise .These good things benefit our health both mental and physical.

     I try to ride a minimum of 1000 kilometers per summer . Most of the time I exceed this goal and have at times reached 2000 km in a summer. All this is done on bicycle trails within our city which has about 100 km of paved bike trails. The mileage might seem large but it's not hard to do . If you average 20 km/hr it only takes 5 hours to do 100 km so 1000 km only takes 50 hours of riding . Now the visiting and scenery viewing will greatly add to that time .

     I tend to ride by myself. It's easier and safer to ride as an individual . You can also ride when you have the opportunity instead of waiting for someone else to get ready .

     As much as I like riding with my daughter , it meant that there were times I would not get away as I was waiting for her to get ready , My only serious accident occurred when I was riding with her although it was not in any way her fault .

      I highly recommend a good electronic odometer . You can get yourself hooked into cycling when you keep track of distance and times . The new electronic odometers have a high degree of accuracy.

       I ride a middle quality mountain bike but there are many excellent bikes to choose from . Make sure that you distribute your weight on hands feet and butt. This makes for less bodily discomforts . I have worn out two bikes . I don't like to rely on too many repairs as safety is a very important issue . So when things start to fall apart I buy a new bike . They last about 10 000 kilometers . A set of tires lasts about 3000 to 4000 kilometers .You want to ride a very reliable safe bike .

    I really think that seniors especially can benefit from cycling . Exercise and fresh air does us good, and we also enhance our balance.

     So I receive much pleasure and satisfaction from a lot of summer cycling. I hope you will enjoy some of the pleasures of cycling as well.