Friday, July 7, 2023


       I knew that many of my family read my blog. My blog comes up on Face book and many are Face Book friends so read the blog. So thanks to all my relatives who read my blog. 

      Many people in town read me. In fact, I'm always surprised when someone says  "I read your blog." Why am I surprised. They read and leave no trace because they do not have a blog. They are also not aware that they can leave comment. Many other people read from time to time and do not leave comments.

     So if you want to leave a comment , go to the bottom of the blog post and click on anonymous. Write your comment. I rarely publish anonymous comments so leave some kind of clue as to who you are. For example leave your town and name. You can mix these up so that the bad guys won't come around. You can make up some name that I will recognize. 

    So I hope I've made it easier for non bloggers to make a comment from time to time. 

    This doesn't work for all blogs as some blogs are on a different platform. Some bloggers have not set up the anonymous option.