Sunday, March 20, 2022


       The March storm or storms is quite well known here. Today we had a March storm but it wasn't too severe. By this time of year the air has warmed up and holds more moisture. When a cold system comes in ,we can get lots of precipitation...SNOW. We usually get most of our snow fall in March. 

       Today we had a spring storm. It probably started just before 6:00 AM. At 7:00 AM there wasn't very much snow on the ground but it was snowing heavily and very windy. By noon it had stopped snowing and by 5:00 PM the sun was shining. 

     So I hope my series of photos gives you a bit of an idea what a spring storm is like here. 

     The first four photos were taken shortly after 7:00 AM

      The driveway photo was taken about 5:00 PM

   This photo was taken about 7:00 PM

The sun sets today at 7:48 PM