Tuesday, April 16, 2024


      On Mat . 28 I wrote about an unpleasant call with my bank's call center. 

       I had been told in a letter to phone a number to give the bank instructions on my account. I had phoned this number before. 

       This time when we phoned they started asking questions for identification purposes. I'm not sure how many questions were asked but enough to catch my attention that I didn't like what was going on. When we said we would answer no more questions, they refused to do the business we wanted.

       We contacted the bank. Our account  did not show suspicious action. 

       So we talked to the bank manager about the situation. The bank manager said that he would pass the complaint forward.

       However , he did say that he thought what was happening is that the bank bought another bank and were having some difficulty with identification so they were updating personal information. 

       I can see that it's necessary to update identification information but I don't like it and the incident I was involved with went too far.