Friday, July 18, 2014

The Next Time I Promise I'll really Listen

      From time to time couples have a little misunderstanding and things go seriously wrong. Not wrong like Andy and Flo Capp where there was a cloud of dust with four little arms and legs sticking out. This would be Andy and Flo fighting. I'm not talking fighting here but a misunderstanding that results in an awkward  problem.

     Yesterday my wife went to the fair to put her shift in the food booth that supports her church. She's done this for thirty years or more and loves it. In her younger years she would walk to the fair with a friend and sometimes I took them out or picked them up.

    I agreed to drop my wife off and pick her up. She had gone over the routine for me to pick her up about a week ago. She'd gone over it several times, but I only listen to the last set of directions. This time there were no last set of directions.

    When the time came to pick my wife up the directions were a little fuzzy. Her shift ended at 7:00 Pm. I waited for a few minutes after seven to leave. I had to park the car and walk to the crosswalk across from the fair to wait. She wasn't there when I arrived. No worries. I then remembered she was going to eat supper after her shift. No worries. I couldn't remember if she said she'd phone. 

    8:00 PM came. She hasn't arrived. I'm getting impatient. 

    8:30 came. I'm starting to worry. Did she try phoning and didn't get an answer and was still at the booth? Did she get a ride and expect I would still be at home?

    Finally at 9:00 PM I thought there's no use waiting here. It isn't going to happen. 

    I went home. It was  relief to see the house windows were open. I knew where she was. But what was I going to catch when I got in?

    On the other hand she was worried I'd be upset because I was waiting. We didn't fight like Andy and Flo. We were relieved that each one got there without any harm. 

     Oh yes. She didn't have a house key. However, she found the key that's hidden outside. Luckily the door was not locked and she could get at the key.

    Next time I will listen the first time the directions are given. Promise!

   Do you run into grief because arrangements went wrong? What's the worst situation you encountered? What's the funniest situation you got yourself into?