Saturday, August 26, 2017


       I'm not easily alarmed. I'm cool and low key about things. Today something happened that shook me up. 

      I was leaving our small subdivision this morning. We leave from a T intersection that's controlled by signal lights. I was in the left lane to make a left turn. Another vehicle was in the right lane and also making a left turn. It was early and traffic was light. No vehicle was behind us.

     I made my left turn and had gone a 100 meters when I heard tires screeching. I looked in the rear view mirror to see a small car that had made the same left turn I made and it was fishtailing across the two lanes.

    Before I could decide what defensive action to take the vehicle bounced up on the 4 meter boulevard. Dust and auto parts were flying through the air. I thought, "That's it for him. He'll never move from there." Well , he did move and continued in the opposite direction.

    I was shocked. If he'd come to the intersection a few seconds earlier he probably would have rammed into me. If he hadn't lost control and caught up to me he surely would have sideswiped me.

    I was shook up over this one.

    The vehicle beside me made a u-turn and followed the creep. I don't think the creep would go too far as the vehicle was heavily damaged.

     This was too close for comfort.