Tuesday, December 21, 2021


      First, I notice that I haven't posted since Dec. 16. I'm slipping up on the job. I've been busy and it's hard to keep up with reading your posts. I'm hoping the New Year will start out better. The micro Manager is in recuperation mode so I have to look after most things right now.

      Two posts ago in my title I had Meryy. Yes, it was a typo but it was a typo that I didn't catch. It's interesting that with such a glaring error, some people jumped on it and told me. Others made a rather mild comment. Most didn't comment. I would think most readers saw it and a very few didn't notice it. 

      In my last post I covered the issue of type size and it surprised me how many comments the junky little post got. It was loud and clear that the blue color I use was hard to read. I was also surprised that it wasn't just me who found color font and size made some blogs difficult to read.

     So right away I decided to  change the color. It should be easy? Well what I thought was easy may have been easy but not for me. I spent quite a few hours trying to find out how to change print color. I still haven't got my title cover changed. 

     So how many people find this color easier to read? 

      Well, how about that. I didn't get my print changed color! Maybe next time.

      Now I'm really messin with your minds. I've done my color change again. I think I got it this time.