Monday, November 2, 2020


       In the mid 80's our government set up a province wide park system. Much parkland was set aside in our city. Many facilities were built. The one I like best is the trail system . There are many km of paved trails. There are lesser used trails that are gravel. Many of the photos on this blog were taken in this park system.

     I rode about 47000 km on these trails over the years. 

    What I do most now in these parks is bird watch.

     Saturday we went to Riverbend. Riverbend is actually a golf course along the river. There is a trail along the river and the course is set back a 100 meters from the river so there is native habitat to walk through. So we see water fowl and boreal species at the same time.

     Saturday we saw 15 species of birds and a least weasel. 

     The highlight was swans . We only have swans during migration. We also saw a great blue heron which is somewhat late to e here.

     So we saw: common raven, black-billed magpie, mallard, trumpeter swan, blue jay, buffle head, golden eye, red head, Canada geese, scaup, white breasted nuthatch, boreal chickadee, downy woodpecker, great blue heron, black capped chickadee. 

   These are the swans visiting us.

  This photo is roughly the same place as the photo in my header. The header photo was taken in July and the photo shown was taken Oct. 31.

    Photo bombed by a ring billed gull.