Monday, November 1, 2021


        For the next ten days most world leaders will put in an appearance at the climate change conference in Glasgow. Glasgow business men will be gleefully wringing their hands as about 10000 people will be attending the conference. 

       However , the rest of the world should be wringing their hands in grief as this conference will probably be like all the other climate conferences. Country after country will tell the world how much they will do  toward control of climate change. The heads of state will go home and do little or nothing of what they promised. 

       Our government , Canada, has done very little to bring about any changes. Our provincial governments scrap with each other and the federal government. How will they ever come up with some practical ways of dealing with climate change? We do have a carbon tax that will be increasing. I'm not sure that a carbon tax will do much in controlling emissions. 

     We do have the Athabasca tar sands which is a heavy producer of carbon. Oil companies have great PR staff and make us think that they are doing much that will begin bringing down carbon. 

     To me it's obvious. Climate change has already gone too far. A very major change in our behavior has to take place right now . Climate change is in gear and it won't stop on a dime. Change will keep taking place long after carbon has been limited .

    I've spent much of my time outdoors. I love the outdoors and all the flora and fauna out there. I can notice changes. Well you don't have to be outside to recognize changes. We all know when it's too hot! We know when it's too wet! We know when it's too cold! By "too" I mean much more than normal. 

     What we're talking about are human activities that  produce carbon. All of us have to make major changes. In Alberta, where I live , there are many huge pick up trucks being driven around for fun. That and many other unnecessary activities have to stop. 

     I believe that man made climate change started long before we knew . Only recently have we had the technology to test and measure changes. 

     I'm not hopeful for results from this conference. Climate change has already gone too far.