Wednesday, July 11, 2018


       Sometimes I like to exaggerate and embellish the odd post to the point of fiction. I usually warn you. . This post has been torqued.

      The owners of  large cattle and lumber operations were sometimes referred to as Barons.

       My son-in-law visited recently. He was born and raised in Chicago and has spent time in another state. The area he lived in was a mix of urban and rural. But I have the idea in my head that he lived in the city jungle with wall to wall buildings. You would only see sidewalks.

      We went to the country to spend time at the Ellis Bird farm. The bird farm is in the country with rolling hills , green grass and crops. There are views where you cannot see farmsteads or buildings. I decided to line him up by a fence where the view is just country with no buildings. Then I changed the direction a bit to include a herd of cattle.

      So there was my cattle baron. Now I didn't have a cowboy hat to put on his head. He looks more like a European farmer. 

      So even if you're old it's still fun to pretend.