Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning Clouds.

    This morning there was much activity in the atmosphere. We had rain over night and so the humidity was very high. With a little day time heating there was lots of activity with the formation of clouds. So I thought I'll try some shots of clouds. The title should be something like learning to take pictures of clouds or something.

    The cloud formations were beautiful but the photography was elementary.

       In November of 1958 I missed my bus. My only option was to get out and hitch hike. I had hitch hiked a lot so was very comfortable to be out in the November cold. I had faith that I would be picked up. Sure enough in a few minutes I was picked up by a young family with two young kids. They were travelling from Winnipeg to Edmonton so had been on the road a long time and the kids were bored. I road with them for about 160km (100mi). To keep the kids occupied they had them look at clouds and say what shape they saw in the clouds. So there were bears, horses, lions tigers and many more creatures. They also had my attention as I would be watching to which cloud they were referring.

     So I had a very enjoyable ride with this family and was entertained by all sorts of cloud  shapes the kids saw.

     Today I was entertained by the changing morning clouds.