Wednesday, April 17, 2019


    Just before noon today my wife's sister took her leave of this life. I was fortunate to have a strong, intelligent, witty, humorous and mischievous sister in law for 53 years.

     My sister in law was born in England in the early thirties and lived in England through the war. After the war she last both here parents by the time she was 19. She came to Canada with a younger brother and sister to relatives.

    She married a Canadian farmer which was a long way from an English kid's experience. Farming life was completely foreign to her. She made a great farm wife and met the challenges well. 

    She had 4 very active children.

    She lost her first husband when she was 50.

   She married again for 25 years.

   She spent 15 winters in Arizona.

   She always liked tennis and at age 60 took it up again. She was not satisfied with just playing tennis. She had to be competitive so she played in competitive rankings.

   She was quite the gal. She played a major part in many people's lives.