Sunday, January 13, 2019


     Now you could spend all day filling in the blank on this one. There are endless expressions that can classify us as old.

    Well the Micro Manager and I did the classic boo boo yesterday. I hope no one on the street was watching.

    We had a celebration of life we wanted to attend. Don died before Christmas and this week the announcement was in the paper that the event would take place on Saturday.

    The church is only three blocks from my house so I told the Micro Manager to get started as she walks very slow. When I turned the corner I could see that the church parking lot was empty. I knew something was wrong. I met the Micro Manager returning from the church. What's gone on? Have we missed the celebration of Don's life. 

     The first thing we did when we got in the house was to check the paper. Sure enough the celebration was to take place Sat, Jan 19 . We were on Sat. Jan. 12!

     Now how could both of us get together and make this mistake? I guess we're getting old!

    I followed Don from 1963 but never met him until the 1980's. Don left Inuvik in June of 1963. I arrived in Inuvik in Sept of 1963. I often heard about Don as he was well respected and liked. I arrived in Red Deer, Alberta in 1969 and was surprised to find my northern friend Michael and I teaching at the same school. Michael and Don were the very best of friends so I heard that Don was in the area. I did not actually meet Don until the 1980's. From that time on we participated in many of the same organizations. He was a quiet gentle man who gave us many great examples of how we should live our live.