Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Commentary Makes the Music Sing

       I have always liked music. In my younger years my likes in music were quite narrow, but I still spent much time listening to music. My own musical talent is next to nothing. I tried to learn to play the piano but that did not produce any success.. I can't sing but will sing with a large group where I can blend in and not be heard. I was fortunate to have several close farm neighbors who were musical and played several instruments rather well. These people also talked about music and learned from each other. I also had buddies who had a country band and spent most of their time jamming and got the odd gig. During these times I was exposed to more than just the music.

       Since I've retired I've spent more time listening to music. The type of music I listen to and enjoy has broadened. One of the things that helps me enjoy music is excellent commentary. The more I know about the music the better I like it.

      One show I listen to on CBC is Saturday Night Blues (Right after the news). The host is Holger Petersen and he is a master when it comes to the blues. Holger is not just a walking encyclopedia, but can make his information interesting and fit it in so that the music makes much more sense. Holger can go back to very early blues performers who may have originated a special style  of playing. He will then take this and show how it has influenced other performers and writers. He will also show how blues music has influenced other genres of music. For example, the Beatles used techniques borrowed from the blues.

      Holger Petersen is authentic because of course he has played blues for a long long time. What better way to learn about music. Holger has done many interviews with performers and liberally replays these interviews when he wants to make a special point about the blues. Holger attends all the blues festivals and performances he can possibly get to and then brings back info and samples for the listeners to enjoy.

     I was not particularly fond of the blues until I started listening to Holger Petersen. Now I never miss his Saturday Night Blues and I am able to listen to blues music from other sources and appreciate it . So thanks to people Like Holger Peteresen I have a much greater appreciation of good music.