Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Are You Safe?

      The micro manager developed a very sore neck on Friday. Yes, I know I'm a pain in the neck!!! The pain shifted around got less and got worse. 

     Yesterday we went to the walk in clinic. The Micro manager did not follow any of the directions given by the attending Physician. She was going for other medical tests this morning and didn't want to take medication that would interfere with the test. So you guessed it .This morning she had excruciating pain. So we decided to come home after the tests for breakfast and then go to emergency.

    We got to emergency and she was seen in less than half an hour. Many questions were asked. She was asked if she had a recent accident. Medications were prescribed and she was to stay for a few hours to see what the medication would do. I went home. She had a two hour sleep.

    While I was away she was asked, "Are you safe?"  She wasn't sure what they meant. They were wanting to know if there was any domestic abuse happening! She was most surprised by the question. I knew that they were asking this question of people who came to emergency showing some trauma or indication of trauma. I was not surprised . I was asked this same question when I went to emergency a few years ago with an owy.

    It has been found that domestic violence can be discovered by asking this question in emergency clinics. 

     Before I retired from teaching we were asking kids the same question when we saw certain types of injuries or bruises. The question was the same, "Are you safe at home?" We were to report to the councillor and the councillor would check the student and then if there were suspicions the case  was moved to professionals who handle child abuse. The professionals would decide what action was needed if any.

      The Micro manager still thought the question was odd when she came home. I do not find the question odd and I hope it discovers domestic abuse and that actions can be taken to prevent and resolve abuse situations.

     Have you ever been asked this question or have you been the one asking the question?