Sunday, August 19, 2018


       Most bloggers have something in their sidebar that tells them who their followers are.

      Now it used to be that you could click your clicker on the follower's face and you would get information on the follower and you would be taken to their blog. 

     Now all I get is a few blogs they follow. Sometimes the name of their blog. Are some of the followers not bloggers?

     So did I click on something to turn these functions off?  Am I supposed to click my clicker on something else. Am I to right click in some mysterious place. 

      I have tried a number of things and nothing works. 

       Can someone tell me what I have to do to get the extra information that I want?  Does anyone else have the same problem?

      I would like to be able to check on my followers and then decide if I want to follow them. Usually if someone follows me I follow them unless their topic is far from my interests.

      Now that I've got this off my chest I can go outside and enjoy the smoke from the forest fires in British Columbia.