Friday, October 30, 2015

You Be the Judge

      Last night we decided to go out for a burger instead of making dinner at home. I know, I know, fast food is blah, blah , blah. And I don't really like fast food.

    We went to A&W. We haven't been there for a while because the last two times we were not satisfied with the food and the place was cold.

    The Micro Manager had seen a chicken sandwich for $3.00 and was going to have it with the combo. Her bill came to about $3.50 more than she thought. She was told that the sandwich was a special and could not be used with a combo so the regular chicken sandwich price was charged. The micro manager also wanted to know if the senior discount had been applied. NO!

    So the challenge was on. The Micro Manager loves to rise for the bait on these situations. First of all coupons directly state that the special can not be combined with another special. This was not a coupon and nothing was stated in the store as to the chicken burger not being combined with another special. The place was freakin cold. It was 9 C outside and they had the air conditioner on.

   So the argument was on.  The micro Manager lost, but only for a little while.   The Micro Manager just had to phone the A&W head office. Of course, they completely agreed with all of her points. They phoned back to the local franchise operator and we heard from her and things were resolved.

    This particular A&W had been going down hill. Why does it take some customer to blow their stack before they improve things? How many customers don't notice that their bills are wrong?

    I think we have to keep thee businesses on their toes or else they rip us off. 

    Do you take these businesses to task when they play fast and loose with sales gimmicks?