Friday, August 18, 2023


     My sweet Spanish white onions have just matured enough to make excellent sandwiches. Now I know some people when they hear onion sandwiches will turn up their nose. I know the micro manager is not fond of onion sandwiches. 

     On the other hand there are many recipes for a great onion sandwich. I just have two slices of bread spread lightly with mayonnase. I slice the onion in 1/8 to 1/4 inch thickness. A little salt and pepper and I have one of my favorite sandwiches.

     Onion sandwiches have a history in our family. Our Dad was an obsessed fisherman. He loved to fish and have people with him. So when Dad called for a fishing day it meant that you would have to have an extremely good excuse not to go. Dad would always say, "I'll bring the lunch!" And you guessed it. The lunch was always onion sandwiches. 

    Dad loved fishing but he also liked eating fish. His favorite was to have a fish fry right on the beach after the fish had been caught.

    His favorite fish to eat was the sucker and again many people will sneer. He loved fried suckers and had Mom can many quarts. These fish have many bones so many people don't like them. 

    Here's the last time I went fishing with Dad going after his favorite fish. You caught the suckers when they went up the creeks to spawn. Now this was illegal but Dad loved those fish enough to break the law. 

                My youngest brother and I enjoying spring while Dad fished
                                 Fishing in the creek for suckers
                                                  Look! I caught one!

                                The hard work was scaling.