Saturday, November 13, 2021


       Now I consider myself to be a bit of a gardener. At least I can grow things. I like gardening and I enjoy the fresh produce out of the soil. 

      Now I always seem to have extra carrots. I don't freeze carrots as they seem soggy. I can't seem to store them either. So by about December my carrots are no longer edible.

      So I try and make up carrot soup and freeze it. Did I tell you that I was a bit of  soup maker. At least I think I can make soup!

     So I made three batches of curried carrot soup. Then I thought I'd try something different. Ginger carrot soup sounds good!

     So I bought some ginger. I noticed that the recipe I had only made 4 servings so I doubled it. I think they said the prep time was 45 minutes. (Liars!) My plan was to prepare the ingredients that go in the soup first. Hey 1/2 cup of grated ginger. I had never grated ginger before! One hour and fifteen minutes later, with much cussing and scraped knuckles I had half a cup of grated ginger. At this time I told the Micro Manager that my soup wouldn't be ready for lunch.

      So then came the 8 cups of carrots.

     So I get everything going and cooking. I did a taste test. It was very hot!

    So when things were cooked I pureed for half an hour. 

    So after this marathon to make 8 servings of soup, I said never again. There will be no more ginger soup around this place.

    I will go back to Mr Google and look for some other carrot soup recipes.