Monday, May 6, 2024


         In many public places chairs are a one size fits all. In restaurants after you get too big for a high chair all the chairs are the same size. 

         First, kids have to endure the big chair. No wonder you see kids swirling back and forth on their bum because the chair doesn't fit. I'm sure that there are are many messes because the chair doesn't fit.

         When it comes to adults some people are too small for the chair and some people overwhelm the poor chair. 

        I know a number of people whose feet do not touch the floor. Getting on and off a chair could be hazardous. Then there are the huge people whose bodies completely hide the chair.

       We have a brand new  casino with a large restaurant. All chairs and tables are exactly the same. The flooring is carpet and the chair legs are metal and do not slide. So try to move your chair closer to the table or further from the table. It's a challenge to move. And then the table legs have very little room for your feet. It's a crowded situation. 

        So I ask again, why can't there be a variation in size of chairs to accommodate large and small people as well as average sized people?