Monday, July 11, 2016

The Challenges of a Good Walk

       Yesterday was a cool cloudy drizzly day. Since I couldn't do much else I decided to go for a walk. I like walking in miserable weather as there aren't many bugs and other walkers and cyclists tend to stay home so you have the place to yourself.

     Now I wanted to see some brown eyed susans and tiger lilies. I have to see these two flowers to make my summer complete.

     Usually I go alone as I'm a bit of a loner. However , the micro manager said she'd like to get out of the house and wanted to go with me. This was strange but it was fine with me. The Micro Manager usually stays in if there's the threat of a breeze or heaven forbid, a little cloud. 

     So off we went. I had my camera and she was just concentrating on walking. So with this situation we don't walk together much. I'm off the trail taking photos. When I walk, I walk too fast for her. 

I like this photo of the Micro Manager walking through the forest by herself.

     Now I really had problems taking photos. I couldn't get any sharp focus and sometimes just plain nothing. I got lucky a couple of times.

     There were lot of brown eyed susans ,but I was too late for the tiger lilies. I found bog orchids , blue eyed grass, bluebells, daisies and as many more that I couldn't name.

    Now we enjoyed the walk and didn't get wet even though there was some drizzle. We also stopped to look at the horses at the end of the walk.

    Once I got home I had to find out what I was doing wrong. . I was worried that there was something wrong with the camera. It only took a second to discover I was pushing the focus lever the opposite way. I guess I haven't used the camera for a while.

    I'm going to have to get out of the house more often.

    And then there was a baddie...lots of toad flax which is an invasive species.