Monday, August 6, 2018


      Yesterday afternoon I went ice skating! Now you can make your own decision if this was crazy or cool.

      My regular readers know that I skate once a week from the beginning of Sept. to the end of April.

     The skate yesterday was a lucky freebie. They are putting the ice in the arena and wanted people to  skate on the first layer of ice  before they put on the next layer.

    I had a light fleece over my tee shirt and I was sweating. The ice level temperature was probably about 40 F. Coming out of the arena to the hot dry sun was most unpleasant.

    So I was cool while in the arena for an hour and a half. Since the ice was very rough I might have been a little crazy to skate on it.

    So I hope this cools you off a bit.

    I didn't get photos yesterday so these photos are from other years. So here are some of our stars.

                             Anna May