Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ghost # 8

    Our city recently finished a major bus terminal and parking facility. It was a project completed over a ten year period. 

   Before our city started it's own public transit system in the 1960's, a  private company provided limited service. At that time the city was less than 20000 in population. 

    A couple provided the service. Gordon drove the bus and his wife ran a small restaurant /bus terminal. The wife was the director /scheduler/operator/ticket seller and was energetic and well liked.

  So the city fathers thought that our new transit terminal should have a name so it was decided to call it Sorensen Station after the couple who operated the little bus system.

    The statue is placed outside the new bus terminal and is called Waiting for Gordon. I think the artist caught the energy this women had to run a very original and creative business.

A working woman with a cup of coffee ready for Gordon

This lady got things done.