Saturday, July 30, 2016

Territorial Squirrels

    This morning I was looking out my front window to check on  feeder. I got more than I bargained for.

    Two squirrels were chasing each other around and around the trunk of a large green ash. They continued this torrid pace for at least two minutes. I was expecting them to quit from exhaustion. I found out that they had a very high level of fitness.

    Now my interest in watching the chase was to see how it ended. Was there going to be  big squirrel dust up? Was one squirrel going to escape? Would it end up in a draw?

    Well it ended in a draw. One squirrel ran into the upper branches and the other squirrel did not pursue. 
     Red squirrels are very territorial. Usually they just chatter at one another. You hear the chattering going on and again you wonder when they will be out of breath. 

     So the territorial squirrels can get very physical in claiming their territory.

     I wish these characters would chase each other far away. They are a nuisance at my bird feeders.

    How about you? Have you seen squirrel fights? How do you control squirrels at you bird feeders?



     Today I noticed a quote that would have fit my previous post. In my last post I got on the topic of
unity rather than division. My example was that it's easy to ignore skateboarders but at what cost.

     I was doing the cryptoquote yesterday, and this was the quote. For a change, start by speaking to people rather than walking by them like they're stones that don't matter. -Maya Angelou

    After Angelou's quote, I feel guilty. A friend has been very ill. He shares his facebook page with his wife. I was telling his wife to keep us posted on Willis's condition. Then I thought, Willis is reading this and I'm talking about him not to him. Embarrassing?

    I thought , why didn't I think of finding a quote to go along with my post?

    Now there are many excellent blogs that use quotes to great effect. One photography blog The Smitten Image, has a very suitable post with each photo. Some blogs, Button's Thoughts, Just another Day on the Prairie, start with a good quote.

   So now I've talked myself into thinking about quotes for my posts. That's going to be a challenge because some of my posts are so odd it may be hard to find a good quote.

    Do you use quotes? What blogs do you read that make excellent use of posts?