Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Hate Garage Sales

       I hate garage sales! Well, I hate only 50% of them . I hate my own garage sales. I like everybody else's garage sale.

       My own garage sale is a tremendous amount of work and bother. First, I have to sort through all my possessions and make a decision on each one. Do I need this anymore? Do I use this article? When's the last time I used this thing? Much consideration has to be given before I decide this is kept, goes on a garage sale or is thrown out. Then the garage sale pile is set up. All items then must be priced. A gamble for a suitable sale day or days is made. All precious articles then must be hauled out to tables for display. This year we had a wide variety of items...sports  equipment, clothing, nick knacks yard stuff. Take a look at the pictures to see the wide variety.

      Through all these steps consultation has to be made with Home Farm Girl. Some of this is done easily and quickly and some of it results in strenuous debate and argument. Some of these issues are not resolved for years.

      This year Home Farm Girl had a chance to go through her massive clothing inventory and prepare about 40 items for sale. Historically she was a size 4. She is no longer size four so the decision was simple...sell some clothes.

      Sale day or days occur and some things sell and some are left. We have usually decided ahead of time what comes back into the house and what never comes back and goes to a charity. It's always interesting to see what loony things sell quickly and what quality items are ignored. All of this may be interesting but it mystifies me.

     So my garage sale for this year has come and gone. It was quite successful. And yes, all the eager customers who come for a look are as much enjoyment as getting rid of some of my useless. treasures.