Friday, June 26, 2009


     Michael Jackson was larger than life so when news of his death came yesterday it was a shock .

     I do not consider myself a fan of Michael Jackson in any way , but I found that when Jackson's music was played today it was familiar and I found that I remembered listening to it and liking it . I did listen to commercial radio so I did hear Michael Jackson . I did listen to and like the Jackson Five . Michael Jackson was only five . My kids were 11 and 13 when Thriller was released. They had Michael Jackson records in the house. Only a few years ago I sold a Michael Jackson LP on a garage sale . I was a junior high school teacher until 1997 . I always made it a point to be aware of the music kids liked and listened to . So I did listen to Jackson even though I was not in any way a fan . I was more familiar with his music than I thought . I liked his music more than I realized

     The last part of Michael Jackson's life was odd, weird and bizarre . I feel for him as I believe that it is very important for children to live as normal a life as possible .Children need to experience and learn about life. This life experience must continue to the end of puberty .Michael Jackson began performing at five and lost his childhood . He missed contact with peers . Normal behaviour was not learned . Some people live through the lack of normal experiences and thrive while others are devastated . Some learn later on in life the behaviour they missed while others never discover normal behaviour . Michael Jackson missed these experiences and many of the adults in his life did not provide what he missed .

    We will remember Jackson's music and put his abnormal behaviour in perspective .