Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cycling Season Has Begun

         A couple of posts ago I wrote about the end of skating season. A few nights ago the silly season of the Canadian election was over. So it's really time for cycling season to begin

         For me cycling season usually begins the end of March or early April. This year the winter ice from the trails finally disappeared this week. Some people will ride on the ice but that's not for me.

         The Cat Eye speedometer is what really sets cycling up for me. I set a goal of riding at least 1000 kms a season. With an accurate speedometer I can keep an up to date  account of how much cycling I'm doing. The cat eye I have is at least twenty years old. It shows time, speed, trip distance, overall distance and also times each trip. A battery lasts for at least 10 years .

      This  was the year or winter for the battery to go dead. Now you've heard this story from me before. When you replace the battery you have to redo all the information. So I have to set the wheel circumference so that I get the exact distance. Then I have to set the time. Now I've had a digital watch for more than twenty years and I can't set it. I haven't worn a watch since I retired. When I was teaching I was surrounded by twelve year olds so I had all kinds of people to set my watch. Now the other day with the cat eye I decided that I have to master these things. So I puzzled my puzzler and finally got everything set up so that it works correctly. More recently you remember my post about learning to run my ipod.

        So things are looking up. Maybe some day I will catch up to the flow of technology if I live long enough.