Tuesday, October 18, 2016


    I just finished reading Common Ground I found it a very interesting and informative book. I remember Justin's birth and heard about him many times but your don't really know what his life was like or what he did. This book fills in the details.

    Justin's Dad Pierre, was late 40's when he married Justin's mother who was in her early 20's. Justin comments on this factor.

    Justin goes on to cover his parent's divorce, upbringing by his father and much more.

    Justin claims he had a fairly ordinary childhood with brothers who often rough housed. But on the other hand Justin and his brothers travelled with their Dad and met many dignitaries.
   Justin spends a lot of time covering his long post secondary education. He spent time teaching and travelling. He decided to take engineering.

   Justin then covers his slow entry into politics. He thought things out before entering the political field. He was ready. He new what he wanted and how to get it.

    He covers his mother's mental health and how it affected his growing up. His mother also remarried and had two children which of course, gave him two half brothers. He spent much time with his mother's family. He also has a half sister who is Pierre's daughter.

   He covers his romance and how he met and courted Sophie. He wants to work with his wife as a team.

   He also had major loses on his life. His brother Michel was lost in a mountaineering accident where he was carried to the bottom of a mountain lake and was never found. And of course, his father's death was devastating.

     Along the way other topics are covered and of course the details are there.

     I found this an interesting book and would highly recommend that people read it. You may not agree with everything, but you will understand Justin's main goal that he wants to find common ground with Canadians and Canada as a country. Surely unity makes for a stronger country.

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