Wednesday, July 8, 2020


     Yes, there's an unrecognizable person in our neighborhood today. Or should I say there's a neighbor who became unrecognizable?

      Well, the neighbor is me!

     In March when things were closed down , I needed a haircut very badly. So things closed down and I was left without a haircut. Barber shops opened May 17 but I didn't want to go. Finally, things got so bad I just had to get a haircut. Hair had grown to below the ears and was curled up on my neck. It was sticking out ll over the place from under my cap. My hair is not straight but it is badly behaved. In other words there are a few " cow licks" and they change daily. So you can understand that I needed a haircut.

    Now the micro Manager offered to cut my hair but I said , "No thanks!"  The Micro Manager had cut my hair for two years in the Arctic...never again!

    So yesterday I got a haircut and I'm sure the neighbors would have a hard time recognizing me.

     So here is my new haircut 
 Mid May and hair was sticking out.