Thursday, August 10, 2023


       I know the dog days of summer are over tomorrow. Dog days of summer refer to the hot part of summer from July 1 to Aug 11. It's an ancient term .

      I always think of the dog days of summer as a part of summer that isn't pleasant anymore. It's hot and dry. Most plants have reached maturity and are not developing any more.

      This last while dog days of summer seems to be a good description of my blogging activity. Things are at a standstill. New topics are not coming to my brain. 

      I have been busy. People have visited me. I've got behind in my projects because of the heat. I find it difficult to work in the heat. 

     Well, these are my excuses lately. 

      So here are two of my visitors. My son visited in early July and my daughter visited in later July.