Sunday, May 1, 2011

Skating Season Ends

          Tuesday was our last skating session for this season. We started the first Tuesday in September and end the last Tuesday of April. It's a great season of fun and exercise.

          This skating session is for people who are 50+. We meet in an arena for one hour of skating. It's just skate around and around with some turns and a few stops for visits or just a plane break. Our oldest and probably best skater is 87. He likes to pair skate to music. Yes, there's music! For skating they like 3/4 time music as they do their skating stride to the music. Me? I just skate as I don't have rhythm!
         So now we have a four month break and will be looking forward to September when skating starts again.
This young lady turned 75 a couple of weeks ago and took us all to the dairy Queen for ice cream.