Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Stand Up For Bloggers

       This afternoon I was listening to Spark on CBC with Nora Young. I was only half listening with my worst ear while I was doing something else.

       The topic was on social media on the net and if it was effective for communication. One of the speakers said that on Face Book he had publicized his birthday and received greetings, Three or four days later he put his birthday on again and received greetings. So he did this half a dozen times and his point was that there wasn't a real communication because people did not catch on that he was repeatedly having a birthday.
    What really caught my attention was when he went on to say that personal bloggers were mostly blogging to themselves! He gave an example of his blog where he had blogged about five years and made about 1500 posts and had 5000 hits and of course half of them were his. He also only got 20 comments and some of them were his.

      Now I realize that some blogs may be pretty dead as very few posts are made. Some blogs may have an extremely narrow topic which few people would be interested in. Blogging requires some work and talent. But I think that bloggers do much more than talk to themselves. Bloggers who consistently post interesting material will be read. Bloggers who work at setting up a blog with proper commenting facilities will receive comments. There are many bloggers out here who are trolling for interesting blogs to follow. Other people on the net like to read blogs. I have friends and relatives who amaze me by following me continuously. One friend lists off my posts every time he goes by me. Thanks Bob.

      I see many very meaningful comments on the blogs I follow. I don't have enough time to read all the comments on blogs I follow. I would like to respond to more comments but I do have more of a life than just my blog.

      I can certainly find lots of blogs to read that keep me busy. I keep looking for more local blogs to follow. I would also like to find some more blogs on education, seniors and music.

     So I think the commentator was off base. He should read some of the great blogs that I follow.