Friday, August 4, 2023


      August is the border between summer and autumn ; it is the most beautiful month I know. Tove Jansson

      Summer is rolling along . It's August and that's time for changes. 

     This year has been very, very dry. Plants are showing signs of stress. Much grass has stopped growing. Tree leaves are fading and becoming a paler green. They are just waiting for the last chlorophyll to be used up and then they will turn color. The height of the blooming season is over. Some late blooming plants now have their turn to show colors.

     Since this is the second dry year in a row, we start to see some trees die back. Many of the tops are dead. Native trees are coping but non native trees are suffering. 

    On my walk last night I took a camera and picked up a few of the signs of August. 

      I also found this plant in the forest. It's an invasive but I don't know the name.