Saturday, October 22, 2022


       Sometimes there are things that you should keep to yourself. Blab and you leave yourself open to criticism.

        Jennifer from Cottage Country reflections says, "You just had to tell somebody."

       I've told you before about a new store that recently opened by giving the first 100 customers $20.00. I told you how hard it was for two old people to keep track of the money on the cards.

      Well, there was a good broom advertised in their flier. Everybody needs a good corn broom around the place. They come in handy to sweep up snow or any other debris. We bought a broom a couple of months ago and it was like waving  piece of tissue paper at the dirt.

     So we bought an industrial grade corn broom.

     So when I got home I promptly took my new purchase to the storage shed. What did I find in the shed? Why the exact same broom had been purchased a year ago! It was still wrapped. I had forgotten that I had purchased a broom before.

     So what happened. A year ago the Micro Manager had declared that we needed a new broom. Again she found a broom on sale and bought it. I still liked my old broom and it was still usable. So in using the old broom I forgot I had a new one. 

     Well, now we each have a broom.