Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Web Cam Updates

    As you know I have three links at the top of my blog for web cams. Two are for a Peregrine Falcon nest and one is in a beaver lodge.

    The beaver lodge web cam has been a disaster. More has to be learned about beaver activity for a web cm to be successful. The beaver keep on mudding up the camera and filling the hole made by the camera. I guess the beavers can tell there is a hole in the lodge and they try hard to plug the hole. As a result I will take off the link for the beaver web cam.
Beaver out enjoying a delicious green lunch.
Photo by Judy Boyd

    The Peregrine Falcon web cam is much more successful. They have laid three eggs and that's all there will be. The eggs should hatch about the end of May or early June. There is an excellent chat room on this web cam site. One of the ladies who lives right next to the tower has taken a great interest in Peregrine Falcons. she's a walking encyclopedia on these birds. She goes out of her front door and looks up to the top of the tower with her field glasses. This chat room is very active and the moderator is excellent. The Telus Tower is 100m ( 300ft) high. The regular maintenance crew hauls up the nest box and other gear. They attach the cameras and plug into the power source at the top of the tower. The platform on the top of the tower is about  4 or 5m (20 to 25ft) square.  It can get pretty windy at that altitude and it's amazing to see the birds cope.
300 m not counting the tower on top.
Photo by Judy Boyd

    So there's some good and some bad on the web cam front.