Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Misstep into the Court House

      In my last post I related how I had received a speeding ticket. So that means at some time I have to pay the ticket as I wasn't going to fight the ticket. There were several options for paying the ticket. I chose to go to the court house and pay the ticket because the court house is near by.

     Now I haven't been in our court house for 15 years. The last time was when I was called for jury duty. Things change.

     If there are double doors, I always use the door on the right. As I was approaching the court house doors , the right one opened as someone was leaving. I thought , "Nice. I have an open door."  I took three steps and noticed a prominent "Do Not Enter"  sign. I was looking for a place to enter before the do not enter sign. I even thought of hopping the rails. Out of the din I heard some one say, "Sir, go back out and use the other door." Then I noticed a substantial security station on my left. Okay, I just made a big boo boo!

    I did as ordered and then they were asking me if I had a belt? This seemed odd. Then asked for my wallet and keys. They put these in a tub so I thought why are they taking this away from me when I might need some identification. Next , step through here!  Was I being herded into detention? I was going to walk away from the tub, with my pants about to fall down, when they shoved the tub out and told me I could have my stuff.

   Well, after going through a weird process like the security I was a little upset. This procedure was so lacking in communication it was mind boggling. I was totally unprepared for the procedure and they didn't help me. I am not unaware of security. I've been though enough airports. That's another story.

    When I left, it was through the right door. I stopped to look for a sign. There was a do not enter sign. I was unable to see it when the door was opened by the person leaving.

    In my little city , far from any big city action, I was not prepared for such high security. I thought after, that some very upset people could be entering the court house and that the security was necessary.

   So I guess , in this ultra modern world, I will have to be alert for those security guys or else move far out into the boonies where the security guys would not like to go.