Saturday, July 29, 2023


         There are very, very few goats around here. But last week surprise, surprise there were lots of goats around here. 

        A flock of goats is known for eating weeds and other undesirable plants. They add nutrients to the soil and with their feet cut little holes to aeriate the soil. 

       So last Sunday afternoon I took my daughter and son-in-law to the local nature center. We were surprised to see goats. Many goats. The shepherds told us there were 600 goats. They set up temporary fencing on an area and then set up more temporary fencing usually beside the first area. In this way they move the goats quickly before they start damaging the wanted plants.

     It was interesting to see this many goats. There were many kids that were only a week old. One kid had been sleeping and when he woke up his mother was gone. Did he holler. The shepherd picked him up and took him to his mother.

     For goats, there was very little noise. When they moved they seemed to move as one.