Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Get Free Satellite TV !

      I have only had peasant TV until now. I don't watch even one minute of TV a year. My wife only watches two channels so we've never had any use for cable.

     In Canada recently, they have cut off analog television transmission. We only get digital television transmission now. That means that you can't get anything with rabbit ears anymore.

     So when the shift was made we were told that if we got some kind of converter box we could get the four channels we had. Well, not so. We were told to get a digital antenna and then we would get reception. Not so. Finally,  after a lot of research we found that there is a government program that sets up a satellite dish so that we can get the four channels we always had. Too good to be true we thought. Finally, someone explained to us that it was not a gimmick from a satellite company.  We signed up right away. They put up the satellite, run in the cable, give you a converter box and leave you with television. The good thing besides getting your four TV channels is that you don't have to pay anything for it. Yes, I have satellite TV and it's free.
My fancy dancy satellite dish

    Explanation? When the government abandoned the analog transmission , it left many TV viewers with nothing. Many people were rural and did not have cable. Many were seniors who could not afford satellite or cable . And then there are people like me who have no need for cable or satellite. Since the government received so many complaints, they came up with this program to help the people who would be caught with some unwelcome choices.