Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bunny #3 is Discovered

      I found bunny #1 in my tomatoes the day after his birth on July 23rd. I've been trying to avoid watering him when I water tomatoes. This morning I checked tomato patch very carefully. He wasn't in his favorite spot. So I thought he's a big boy I guess he left my yard. I began energetically watering my tomatoes. You guessed it. Bunny # 1 got watered again.

     I accidentally found bunny # 2 when I was cleaning up the rhubarb patch. I see him occasionally as I walk by.

     Today I scared up bunny number 3 and it was a little more violent than the other two. I was cutting grass and got about 2 m from the large bleeding heart and a terrified little bunny left in a hurry. He went about 8 or 9 m  over to the tomatoes and found some cover. What a surprise! I had guessed that all four would be in the yard. I wasn't going to search for them and I'm surprised that I found them.

    These little guys are about four times the size when they were born  and they are now 13 days old. I can't get pictures as they are tightly under cover. I am also surprised that they have stayed in one spot. I always thought they moved around. So these little guys have taught me much about their life stages.