Friday, February 27, 2015

Darn! Wrong Date!

      Now with my history, this could be a story about the wrong woman. But it's not.

      On my Face book today , somebody had an example of what they thought was a humorous card which said, "Yesterday was National Middle Child Day, but I missed it." I only caught the "middle child" term  and that sent me off on a tangent. 

      I immediately thought, "I have to make a post on this topic." 

     I like discussions of birth order and  day of birth. I find the assertions and all the contortions people have to go through to make their case quite interesting.. I do not know the day I was born. I once asked one of the local autistic guys, I know well, to tell me the day of my birth. I forgot it before I got home.

     So I thought I should do a little research. To my horror I found out that yesterday was not National Middle Child Day. National Middle Child Day is August 12.

    So I was looking forward to posting on a topic I find interesting.

    But since it's not the right day, I've been left at the altar!

     So how do you feel when some inaccuracy spoils your day?