Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some Days You Just Shouldn't Get Out of Bed

    Last night my wife was making dinner and was reheating a pot of gravy on the stove. She heard a loud grinding noise and thought the gravy had overheated. She grabbed the pot and took it off the stove and the noise stopped. She was happy that she had rescued the gravy.

    This morning when I came out to start breakfast, I put my porridge in the micro wave. There was a loud grinding noise! I was standing beside the micro wave so turned it off quickly. Ah ha! It wasn't the gravy! So I thought I'd try the micro wave again. It stopped at 18 secs. I tried it again. 18 secs. So first thing in the morning I find that my micro wave has died. It didn't owe me anything as I had it for 14 years.

    We had an old micro wave downstairs that we had been trying to sell on garage sales. So after breakfast my wife cleaned up the old micro wave. We took the fried micro wave off the shelf and cleaned out a pretty dusty shelf.

You see what I mean by a microwave from another age

    I was nominated to bring up the old clunker of a micro wave. If you are old enough you can remember the microwaves from the 90's were big and heavy. So up the microwave comes to the top step when I tripped and lost my balance and bashed into the door.. No great harm done except for scratch on the door.

   So a few more minutes and we wrestled the old clunker onto the shelf. We review how to use it and away we go! We're in business! 

   Now if I hadn't got up this morning I wouldn't have discovered a broken microwave and ruined half my day setting up my old microwave.

    Anybody else have those kind of days?