Tuesday, August 10, 2021


      I have done almost all my home and yard maintenance for close to 50 years. 

      I've done lots of plumbing.  I put in stop valves on all sinks and tubs. I have replaced and added sinks. 

     I wired half of my basement and added various outlets around the house,  

     Yes, I fixed the odd bike!

     My lawn mower is still running since 1970. 

     I did some of the simple stuff on cars. 

     Reluctantly I have  decided to retire from my handyman's occupation. My eye sight is not cooperating. In many places it's difficult to be able to look through the correct lens. It's also difficult to get into some locations. So my body tells me that it's time to retire. 

    And then some errors are being made. I started replacing a shut off valve and turned off the wrong water. I was lucky. No great flood. 

    So I will have to hire some one to do the job I always did. Am I sad? No. I can find other things to do.