Sunday, January 19, 2020


      It's still cold here so I'll carry on with an example of vintage winter wear.

      How many people remember felt boots? Yes, a boot that was made completely of felt...soles and uppers  and laced up. Not the big boots we have now with a heavy felt liner.

    Since I lived on a farm we wore leather boots in the summer so naturally felt boots in the winter.

    This footwear was very warm. We had an outer shell called an overshoe that we put on to go outside in the snow. This kept the felt dry and added some more protection from the cold.

     The old houses we had on the prairie were notorious for having very cold floors. The felt boots meant that your feet were warm in the house as well.

    These shoes did not wear well. Every fall Mom would order all of us felt boots for the winter. At a certain time all of us put on our felt boots and wore them until spring.

    I looked to see if I could find felt boots on line. No such luck. I think they may have been a western Canadian type of shoe.

   I still fondly remember the felt boot and how comfortable and warm they were. I wish I could still buy them. I remember my paternal grandmother wearing her felt boots. Women and girls usually did not wear them.