Monday, June 4, 2012

Crossword Puzzles are Awesome.

    Yes, I do really like crossword puzzles. When it comes to crossword puzzles you're either a rabid fan or you hate them. No inbetweeners. 

    I started with crossword puzzles after I finished high school. I could take them or leave them. Later on it became absolutely necessary to do the daily crossword puzzle. I've also been know to do a crossword puzzle book or two. 

     Crossword puzzles give many benefits. First I find crossword puzzles very relaxing. You have to concentrate so your mind leaves the things that stress you out. You have to have some basic knowledge of definitions, general knowledge, history, art, performing arts and more. Most puzzles throw in something from another language so if you have a background in another language it comes in handy. 

     I like a crossword puzzle that is of medium difficulty. Too easy..I don't do them. Too hard and I'm not that patient. I don't like mammoth puzzles. I like something that is short enough to finish in 20 minutes or so. I sometimes will come back and finish later.

    There are many varieties of puzzles to keep everybody's interest. Some topics can be very obscure as in plants.

    I have tried online crosswords but haven't got to like them. You can't work at it for awhile and then drop it. only to pick it up later. 

    On some occasions I used crossword puzzles with my middle school students. I had a book of easy crossword puzzles. We would do one as a class with everybody hollering out answers. Then they got to work in partners to do a second crossword puzzle. So some of the kids really liked the puzzles and others hated them just the same as adults. 

     So at this stage of my life you will find me doing the crossword puzzle right after breakfast since we get our paper in the morning. You have to get your day off to a good start.