Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Night I Spent in a Honey Moon Suite

     Now some of you have already gone on to another post as you say, " I don't wan to hear about this. " Others say , "Well, ya. So what?" Others probably say, " I know what's going to happen.

    This incident has a long beginning.

    When I was teaching in the Arctic, the Superintendent organized a week long in service. We were flown in to a central point and then a larger aircraft was used to take us to our destination. There were 19 or 20 if us. The aircraft was a DC 3, which is a pre WW II airplane. We were scheduled to stop and refuel half way to our destination. They decided to load up with fuel and fly non stop. The fight was nine hours. The reason for omitting the mid way stop was that the back tire on the tail was flat. The seats were canvas and no seat belts. We soon found places more comfortable leaning up against luggage. Many card games were played as we droned on hour after hour. 

     We left at 3:00 PM and arrived at midnight. Obviously we landed successfully as I'm still here.

     So were were taken into the hotel where reservations had been made. Rooms were assigned but the clerk very apologetically said that they were two rooms short and two people would have to occupy the honey moon suite. Well, you guessed who one of the people was who was assigned to the honey moon suite. 

     We received a fair bit of ribbing and a few visits from people to see what a honey moon suite looked like. It was also my first visit to a honey moon suite! Well, the bed was about 8 ft. wide! I would have had to yell to my buddy if I wanted to talk to him! So two guys in a honey moon suite? The bed was so big you didn't know anybody else was in it.

    So my only stay in a honey moon suite and it was with another guy!

    I'm sure others have a similar story. Reservation foul ups make for some strange bed fellows!