Saturday, June 24, 2023


   We have an excellent park system. The park runs along both sides of the Red Deer River. Sometimes the strip of land along the river is very narrow and sometimes it opens to parcels of several hundred acres. There's Heritage ranch at one end and Gaetz Lake Sanctuary at the opposite end. 

      I have volunteered with this system in a couple of capacities. Several years ago heavy gauge steel silhouette art was placed in three different places. Now I judge myself to be somewhat open minded when it comes to art but these I don't like for several reasons.

    I don't think that they are in the right place. One set of figures shows a man and wife who are pioneers. The sanctuary is for flora and fauna. Species get some protection and people can be taught about some of the species. Another set of figures depicts the North West Rebellion. The opposite end of the park has some relationship to the rebellion but not the sanctuary. Then there's a weird little "Jeep" thing which makes no sense at all but may refer to a WW II army base that was nearby. 

      Only one piece makes sense and that's a large moose adjacent to a small entry road to the sanctuary. There are many moose in the area. It is also a great reminders to drivers to watch for moose. The figure is very eye catching as you enter the sanctuary. 

    So what's your opinion of these pieces? 

     Okay, I've got the first photo. It looks like the Gaetz's who originally owned the land for the Gaetz Lake Sanctuary.