Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Love Music

        When I started this blog a little over two years ago I said that I wanted to comment on music. Looking back I have made very few posts on music. Now is the time to change and do some posts on music.

       I love to listen to a wide variety of music. The older I get the more music I discover that I like to listen to. I have found one radio station that plays a wide variety of music. They not only play the music but have hosts who are extremely knowledgeable about the music they play. For a few example, they have  Celtic , blue grass, country, classical and blues shows.  You get the point. So I find that when there is information about the music you gain more from listening to that music.

       For classical music information is given on the composer and the reason or conditions under which the piece was written. Reasons for the piece being significant are explained. Historical context adds to your quality of appreciation.

     I am a person with very little musical ability. I was not given the routine piano lessons although I took my brother's piano lesson books and tried to learn how to play. I do not have rhythm. My time in the rhythm band was very brief. I was kicked out of the rhythm band in grade two. It seems to me that reason for my expulsion was that I began a sword fight with my brother. W were plying rhythm with sticks.The teacher got the right culprit as my brother did have rhythm. I never learned how to dance. To put the combination of steps and rhythm together was beyond me.

     I take advantage of the library collection of cds. The check out people usually remark that my choices are eclectic. I usually have one each of classical, rock, blues, jazz and country. There are other genres to choose from. I still have not figured out how to get music on the internet, but that's coming. I also volunteer for front of house duties at an arts center and make sure that I get to work at all musical performances. I twist arms to be able to work at our local symphony concerts.

    So for someone with limited musical ability I get a tremendous amount of pleasure from music.