Wednesday, February 13, 2019


    Kay at Musings gave a detailed description of the nasty preparation that has to be done in preparation for a colonoscopy. She didn't miss anything and it felt just like I was doing the prep.

    For those who have been lucky enough not to have had a colonoscopy, it's a little procedure where they go in with a flexible tube (Good thing it's very flexible)  that has a small camera on the end. The camera takes photos of the interior of the colon. Since colon cancer is somewhat common and easy to detect with the device , these tests are quite common. They look at the general health of the colon and if there are any indications of cancer.

     To do this test your colon must be completely empty. Kay told about this part. It's not pleasant.

     My purpose isn't to discuss the colonoscopy but to tell about two colonoscopies I had.

   I had the first colonoscopy many years ago. A student was going to do the test.  Now I didn't tell you where they shove the rod and camera- yes right in  the anus, the handy hole in the behind. Well the student was all ready and he shoved the device. He missed the hole! What a jolt that was. He said, "Oops, sorry about that!" It's an experience I will never forget. In those days they didn't use any anesthetic.

    The last test I had was for a 12:30 PM appointment. I like to get a first thing in the morning appointment because then I can go home and eat.

     Well. 12:30 or nothing.  I was rolled into the room and prepared. Then they told me that the doctor had gone home to let his dog out and I would have to wait! Wow! What do you do? All dressed up with no where to go.

    Now as miserable as the test is I would always recommend that it be done. It's a very accurate test and if cancer is picked up early it can be successfully treated.