Tuesday, July 11, 2017


      I used to wear baseball type caps all the time. I had quite a selection of caps but over time they have been  discarded. Now I seldom wear a  cap as they don't seem comfortable.

     From time to time I received comments or questions about a cap I was wearing. One cap always drew a puzzled look and a question. The question was , "Where did you get that cap?" I'm not sure why people are puzzled or why they ask. I was never confident enough to ask, "Why do you look at this cap with a puzzled look. 

    It's a sport's cap. I'm not sure who the Florida Marlins are or were. I don't follow sports. I don't know if this is baseball, basketball, hockey or football!

    So how did I come by these caps?

     In the 1980's I was a middle school teacher. Our school was a no hat school. That means you didn't wear your cap in class.

     Very few kids sat down in class with their cap on. Usually a discrete nod or motion and the kid would take the cap off. When somebody resisted they had to put their cap in top of the filing cabinet and pick it up at the end of the class. Sometimes caps were left and picked up the next day. Sometimes caps were never picked up. The caps went in a filing cabinet drawer. Again some were picked up. But some caps were never claimed.

    When I retired I couldn't throw perfectly good caps away. So the caps were brought home and washed and guess who wore them?